This book is written keeping in mind the people who read and understand only Marathi. The purpose of writing this book – AUTISM EK BIKAT VAAT TE VAHIVAAT – is to understand, communicate and handle the child on diagnosis of Autism. The writer explains in this book not only the experiences that she shared with all Autistic individuals but also writes the practical and theoretical method. Although, number of Autistic individuals is very large, this book is mainly for families and professionals working with children 8 to 9 years old of age. This book is divided into three sections and priced at Rs. 230/-. Each section contains 4 to 5 topics explaining theoretical method and practical for self-study.

This book is available for purchase at: Forum For Autism # 1, Sorab House 6 Garden Road Colaba, Mumbai 400039

T. 022-32949595


Note: Please purchase the book and do not photocopy it.

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