On the occasion of World Disability Day, this 3 December 2013, Forum for Autism shares with you a Draft of the Charter of Rights of Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

India ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability on the 1st of October, 2007. Accordingly, under Article 1 of the UNCRPD, its Purpose is to “promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity.”

(To read UNCRPD: http://uncrpdindia.org/about/text/ )

FFA’s Charter has been drafted keeping this Purpose in mind and with the intent of creating awareness and generating dialogue among parents and other caregivers of persons with ASD.


MY CHILD’S S.O.S. RIGHT: “I want my mother*”.

This is my child’s basic right when s/he is in fear or distress and should be complied with immediately. S/he may express it verbally or non-verbally (by crying out, pointing to the door, pointing to my photo, etc). I will indicate to the institute/professional my child’s preferred way for communicating this right.                                                                      

* Throughout the document, mother, parent & legal guardian are interchangeable.

To read the detailed Draft, click on FFA’s Draft Charter of Rights for persons with ASD

This initiative of FFA has also found mention in The Times Of India article of 5th December 2013.

Write us your critical inputs to us as comments or as a private message in the closed fb group for Forum For Autism or in a private email to us at forumforautism@gmail.com

Every comment** is valuable to us in our process to finalize this Draft into a legally binding Charter, which we aim to do by 2 April 2014, World Autism Awareness Day.

Be empowered!

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