Dear All,

At the outset, we wish to thank everyone who had contributed to the recent search operations.

In the light of this event, FFA has approached the Police Department and intend to help them set up a more efficient system that is aware of the needs and difficulties of persons with ASD. Knowing that the first few hours after a child is lost are the most crucial to finding him/her,

FFA has decided to keep a ‘search and find ‘ protocol ready for use. As the first step towards this goal, we are compiling a list of ASD individuals to create a directory, which will make information available to the Police asap. It will be in your child’s best interests to register his/her details with us in this directory.

Please submit the following details before November 24th, 2014.

Name : ( if individual has an alias/ pet name, please specify)

Gender :

Date of birth :



Address :

Contact numbers with name/relationship :

Latest photo in min. 5megapixel : one 10″ X 12″ and four passport size. *

Is the child verbal or non-verbal? (please list down from the point of view of a police search)

Languages understood by the child:

Languages spoken by the child:

Is the child able to read and write? (please list down from the point of view of a police search)

Any birth-mark or other identifying feature (preferably, give a photograph of the same).

Any other trait of your child that will help the authorities in their search?’

Will you be willing to volunteer for a search operation? Yes/No

If yes, please specify if – you will volunteer for field search?

You will contribute to a home bound search related activity?

Any other. (Specify)

* photos should be predominantly face profile and of high resolution as per Missing Persons Bureau requirements.

The above information can be mailed to us at


posted to us at Forum for Autism, Sorabh House, Garden Lane, Off Colaba Causeway, Colaba, Mumbai 39.